FAQs about Intuitive Eating Coaching & Jenna’s Approach

Check out answers to common questions we receive!
  1. What is Intuitive Eating?
    • Intuitive Eating is an approach to eating based on the concept that every person is born an Intuitive Eater. Babies cry when they are hungry and stop when they are full. Kids naturally know how to listen to their body’s signals for hunger and fullness, whereas adults struggle with this because of all kinds of imposed food rules, restrictions, and weight concerns. We see certain foods as rewards, meant to celebrate an event or accomplishment. Food is either “good” or “bad”, “healthy” or “unhealthy”.
    • Intuitive Eating is not a diet. Rather, it is an approach to well-being that allows you to regain your ability to listen to your body, break the dieting cycle, honor your emotions, respect your body, and embrace a pattern of eating and movement that helps you feel well and stay energized. Intuitive Eating values your internal hunger and fullness cues, but it is so much more than that. Together, we will explore your deeply held beliefs about food, behaviors, self-talk, and spirituality. Click here to read more about Intuitive Eating.
  2. What is Intuitive Eating Coaching?
    • As your coach, Jenna will listen to your story and provide individualized feedback on how you are eating, thinking, and living in order to help you identify ways to grow. This looks different for every client. Some people will have difficulties with paying attention to hunger, whereas others have difficulties identifying fullness. If so, perhaps an introduction to mindful eating will help. If emotional eating is common for you, maybe you will want to start there. If you have an eating disorder, we will address it and see whether there are other health professionals who can join your care team. If you’re dealing with eating during grief, we can approach that together. Jenna will help you identify the key issues where you want to focus in a collaborative, non-judgmental approach. Learn more about different topics that Jenna often discusses with clients.
  3. I’ve tried dieting. Will this really work?
    • Whether you have tried every diet out there or aren’t sure if what you’re doing is dieting, Intuitive Eating is the program for you, and it is NOT a diet. Research shows that 95% of diets FAIL. We wouldn’t invest our hard-earned money into anything else with that high of a failure rate! Additionally, dieting can do a lot of damage, ranging from increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease to serving as a precursor for eating disorders. In contrast, Intuitive Eating is a program that works to help mend your relationship with your mind, body, and food. It takes time and practice.
  4. Will I gain weight?
    • Some people are afraid of gaining weight if they have the freedom to eat food whenever they want. While many of Jenna’s clients may be unhappy with their body and wish to lose weight, this is not the goal of Intuitive Eating Coaching sessions. Instead, consider this: Are you willing to put weight on the back burner in order to have this better relationship with food? 
    • The truth is that Jenna can’t predict whether you will gain weight or lose weight when you become an Intuitive Eater. She won’t weigh you and she will never know. Jenna CAN tell you that your body will naturally respond to the process in ways that may result in a weight change, especially if you have been eating due to a chaotic lifestyle or in response to emotional stressors. The important question remains: Are you willing to put weight on the back burner in order to have this better relationship with food? Weight loss must be put on the back burner in the process of Intuitive Eating.
  5. How long will the process of becoming an Intuitive Eater take?
    • It depends. Intuitive Eating is not like dieting. While dieting helps you lose weight quickly and over time becomes much harder, Intuitive Eating is very difficult at the beginning and gradually becomes easier over time. You will be working against barriers in your mind that tell you to keep living out of the diet mentality, listening to your internal food police, and work toward building new habits. When eating intuitively becomes normal for you, eating in response to your body’s natural signals and caring for yourself will continue for life.
  6. I am busy. How am I supposed to spend time on this?
    • Life will never slow down. There is always something else to be putting your time and effort towards, whether that’s family, friends, work, church, or hobbies. While Intuitive Eating seems large and complex, I will help you create small, manageable goals that will fit into the pattern of your everyday life. Additionally, Intuitive Eating is not about perfection. It’s all about progress. Allow the changes you make with thinking and eating to unfold around the rest of your busy schedule, using tools like Evelyn Tribole’s latest book “Intuitive Eating for Every Day”, the IE Workbook, and the 4th Edition of “Intuitive Eating” by Tribole and Resch. You take care of others that you love; why not take care of yourself?

General FAQs

  1. How much do sessions with Jenna cost?
    • Initial Session: 75 minutes, $110
    • Follow-up Sessions: 45 minutes, $70
    • I have a reduced rate for college students and those with financial needs.
    • You are welcome to pay session-by-session.
    • Contact Jenna for more information!
  2. Why does Jenna recommend multiple sessions?
    • Addressing your food and body issues can be a daunting task, deeply rooted in the way you think, act, and live. It takes some time to change when you have been told to believe diet-culture messages for years. Jenna offers ongoing sessions because they provide enough time to work through these issues together.
  3. Do you accept insurance?
    • Women Eat Well does not accept insurance at this time.
  4. If I don’t live in Iowa, can I still meet with Jenna?
    • Yes, absolutely! Jenna offers virtual sessions and mainly meets with people in the United States. She will consider international appointments if clients are English-speaking or are able to find an interpreter.
  5. Do you meet with men?
    • With a name like Women Eat Well, you might assume that Jenna does not meet with men, but she can definitely work with anyone! Jenna selected this business name because it speaks to her main audience.
  6. How can I get started?
    • Reach out to Jenna in order to set-up a brief 15-30 minute discovery call, and we will see if Intuitive Eating coaching is a good fit for you!
    • After filling out your intake form and completing your initial session, we will work together to help you get to where you want to be on your journey.
  7. Other questions?
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