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Jenna Petersen, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

October 23, 2020

My name is Jenna Petersen. I am here to help you grow in your relationship with food so that you can focus on God, become comfortable in your body that He made, and serve others! My private practice of Intuitive Eating Counseling and Eating Disorder Recovery is targeted at helping women who have eating concerns such as:

My scope of practice is not limited to these. If you are unsure if your concern would be something I can address, contact me!

I will end with the following quote because I believe it drives me in life as well as my coaching practice.

The quality of your life depends upon the quality of the questions that you ask.


I am eager to ask you some high-quality, motivating, deep questions to help you in the difficult work of healing your relationship with food. Cheers!

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